Reason to Use Chalk Paint -we carry Chalk Country paint that is very similar to Annie Sloan and 30% less cost

Reasons to Use Chalk Paint

I’ve used lots of different types of paint to paint furniture, from latex to oil to chalk paint, but there are definitely a few reasons why using chalk paint is a big plus for people who want to paint furniture at home.

1. Little To No Sanding – That’s a big deal when you are painting in your garage.  Other pieces I have done with latex paint require a lot of sanding beforehand, which has a variable you might not think of (when using an electric sander) – that you create a thick layer of dust over everything in your garage.  So, with chalk paint, there is very little sanding required, none beforehand, but only a little if you want to distress.    And with the distressing you can just use a hand sander, not necessarily an electric one.  That can save everything in your garage.

2. It’s Forgiving – With chalk paint, the look is meant to be distressed, so when you mess up, a quick once over with a little hand sander is all you need to do to fix it, drips, etc, no worries, just sand them off.  Distressing doesn’t require perfection when you paint.  You can make mistakes and work quickly and still have it turn out great.

3. Easy Color Choices – For those who feel like they always choose the wrong colors, don’t worry, Annie Sloan has already pre selected the colors that look nice and have the antiqued, french style.  When choosing from latex paints, there are so many choices, that there are millions ways to go wrong.  With the ASCP color choices, you can’t reallly get too far off.

4. The Paint Goes a Long Way – Although each quart of paint is expensive ($40 a quart), the paint does go a long way, the piece pictured above only took about 1/5 of the can to finish.  I did 2 coats of paint too!