Custom Pieces

The Chalk Studio offers to custom paint a piece you bring in or we have a few unfinished pieces you can look at here in the studio.  Price is determined by size, number of colors, and the finish you choose. Prices usually range from $100 for small pieces to $250 (or more) for very large pieces. Normally your piece can be finished within a week.  Please note there will be additional charges if extensive cleaning of the piece is needed.

Please contact us for more information.

Below is a sampling of custom pieces we have done for our customers.

                                     IMG_0123  IMG_0116  custom secretary  IMG_0103  IMG_0060 IMG_0001  graphite hutch IMG_0041  img_1024  img_0929  img_0918 img_0916  img_0900 img_0872  img_0870  img_0867  img_0864 IMG_0834  IMG_0812  IMG_0759  IMG_0744  IMG_0735  IMG_0733  IMG_0718  IMG_0719  IMG_0715  IMG_0710  IMG_0682  IMG_0709  IMG_0639  IMG_0642  IMG_0640    IMG_0655  IMG_0609  IMG_0598  IMG_0567  IMG_0560  IMG_0608  IMG_0570    IMG_0514  IMG_0641      KONNER - IMG_0577 IMG_0513  IMG_0480 IMG_0486  IMG_0465 IMG_0470  IMG_0454    KONNER - IMG_0557 IMG_0611  IMG_0456  IMG_0450 IMG_0448  IMG_0372 IMG_0381 IMG_0383 IMG_0280 IMG_0291 IMG_0281 IMG_0243 IMG_0260 Buffet-IMG_0001 (47) Buffet-IMG_0001 (50) Buffet-IMG_0001 (46) Buffet-IMG_0001 (40) Buffet-IMG_0001 (35) Buffet-IMG_0001 (17) Desk-IMG_0017 (9) Dresser-IMG_0002 (66) Dresser-IMG_0002 (58) Dresser-IMG_0002 (46) Dresser-IMG_0002 (44) Dresser-IMG_0002 (28) Misc-IMG_0004 (34) Buffet-IMG_0001 (18) Dresser-IMG_0002 (69) Misc-IMG_0004 (19) Misc-IMG_0004   Misc-IMG_0004 (32)  Tables-IMG_0003 (32) Misc-IMG_0004 (18)