Jewel Tone Dresser

Description:   Dresser from Huntley Furniture painted in jewel tones of navy, deep purple and deep teal. Finished in black glaze with weathered drawers. Body in dark grey. 7 drawers for plenty of storage.

Dimensions:  40x20x46H

Price:  $288



MCM Ombre Grey Dresser

Description:   MCM solid wood dresser done in ombre’ shades of grey. 5 drawers work great. Original hardware in deep nickel.

Dimensions:  34x19x45H

Price:  $278

Bassett Matching Dresser & Nightstand

Description:   Here is a matching Bassett tall dresser and nightstand. Done in lamp black with some trim and the drawers left natural. 6 nice sized drawers all work great. Definitely a statement piece. 40 x 19 x 78 H. Dresser selling for $348. Matching nightstand is $108. Buy them together for $425

Dimensions:  40x19x78H

Price:  $425 as a set (separate $348 dresser, $108 nightstand)

Chocolate & Shades of Red Dresser

Description:    Dresser from American Drew painted in dark chocolate with weathered drawers in shades of red, copper and bronze that are finished with dark wax. Parts have been left original wood shade to match the coppery colors, and the top has been sanded and stained dark walnut. 10 drawers for lots of storage and they work perfectly. Very solid well made piece.

Dimensions:  66x20x35H

Price:  $368

Deep Red Dixie Dresser

Description:   4 drawer dresser/buffet from Dixie painted in deep red with dark wax. The top have been sanded and stained with dark walnut. Floral designs and trim has been accented with a coppery bronze metallic. Original hardware in coppery bronze.

Dimensions:  45x20x34H

Price:  $328

Navy and Bronze Dresser/Buffet

Description:   Dresser/buffet painted in deep navy and drawers have a weathered look in navy, bronze and grey. The top has been stained in walnut. Metallic legs, hardware and trim give it a nice elegant look.

Dimensions:  48x21x36H

Price:  $298


Vintage Blush Dresser

Description:   Vintage dresser done in blush with a bit of rose gold metallic trim. The top and top drawer had wonderful grain so have been sanded and stained in walnut. Hardware is finished in rose gold. 3 large drawers and 3 smaller all work fine.

Dimensions:  34x19x40H

Price:  $258

MCM Kroehler Dresser

Description:   MCM dresser from Kroehler painted in a weathered board look in shades of grey, cocoa and teal. The body is pewter and finished with dark wax. Original hardware has been refreshed in deep nickel. 4 drawers all work great and are nice and deep.

Dimensions:  36x17x43H

Price:  $278


Ornate Dresser/Buffet

Description:    This piece is painted in shadow white and vintage olive with a very subtle dark wax finish to just accentuate the beautiful carved drawers and legs and give it a vintage look. This is a very unique piece that is a cross between French country and traditional. Original hardware in bronze.

Dimensions: 63X18X31H

Price:  $418…JUST REDUCED $298

Small Dixie Dresser

Description:    Smaller 3-drawer from Dixie Furniture done in shades of turquoise with a white laminate top so it will be wonderful for a child’s room. Original hardware in light nickel with a pearlized finish.

Dimensions:  30x18x31H

Price:  $248…JUST REDUCED $198



What’s the difference between a dresser and a chest of drawers?

There are slight differences between a dresser and chest of drawers. Though both contain multiple drawers though they differ in design and size. Either one might be great for your home, depending on your needs.

Traditionally, dressers are short, wide and deep. Their spacious drawers are arranged in multiple columns, often with two or three side by side totaling to six or more drawers. Their wide frames offer plenty of room on top and space to attach a mirror. This popular design lets you get dressed in front of the table, hence the name.

On the other hand, a chest of drawers is usually tall and narrow. The most common setup is one column of four to six drawers. Because a chest of drawers tends to be tall, it is not a practical place for a mirror. Instead, its sleek, thin design is meant to take up as little floor space as possible.

Either Way…

Chalk Painting can be used to revitalize a bedroom set or help tie together different set pieces with similar chalk painted style and colors.  This can bring an old beat up or miss matched bedroom set to life.