Furniture Painting Supplies

We carry most furniture painting supplies needed to complete your chalk painted furniture project.

Furniture painting supplies

Here are examples of furniture painting supplies available here at our store.

  • 3 pack Nylon paint brushes $12
  • 2″ waxing brush $1
  • Texture Casting $12.95
  • Texture Casting tool $2.95
  • Metallic gilding wax $14.95
  • Custom mixed paint 8oz. $15.95, quart $29.95 -just bring in a paint sample for us to match
  • Paint
  • Wax
  • Poly Topcoat

The Chalk Studio offers classes and workshops that will teach you how to create various styles & finishes. Sign up for one of our classes to learn our favorite techniques and finishes, or take a custom workshop to complete unique seasonal projects. We are now located in Delafield (Hartland address).  Just off Hwy 83 & 16.

We also have Dressers, Buffets, & Desks, as well as Other types of Furniture & Custom Pieces for sale.